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Feb 18 2020 | by by Paige Mareth - Director of Communications, The Woodhouse Spas, Corp.
Winter will soon fade to spring, but until it does, these skin care tips are extra important.

| Sunscreen |

Believe it or not, just because it isn’t sunny doesn’t mean you don’t have rays to worry about. UVs are out there and they’re damaging to our skin. Sunscreen is a no-brainer during the summer months, but try to make it a year-round habit. Check out SkinCeuticals’ SPF options, available in our retail room.

| Water |

Sep 24 2019 | by Michelle Pezzato
You may not think about it, but your skin is the largest organ in your body and it does a lot of work.
It acts as a barrier, protecting you from dirt, germs, toxins, and environmental stressors.  It helps regulate your temperature and prevent dehydration.
Aug 7 2019 | by Michelle Pezzato
Regular skincare protection is an important part of our body's health and this is particularly true during the summer season. Scorching sun rays can wreak havoc on unprotected skin causing potential skin cancers, premature aging and nasty sunburns.
It is a fact that 90% of all skin cancers are caused by too much sun exposure.
Jun 7 2019 | by Michelle Pezzato

Spring may have visited the calendar back in March, but many of us around the country are just now feeling - and seeing - its presence.

As the grass greens and the blossoms burst, we begin to abandon our boots and sweaters for flats and tees. With summer just around the corner, it’s becoming time to break out the sandals and tank tops, and, with them, bare a little more skin.

Are you feeling ready for that great big spotlight we call the sun? If not, it’s time to get yourself prepped for showtime!

May 8 2019 | by Michelle Pezzato
You’ve probably heard the term “self-care” in your circles, on social media, or around the office. It’s all the buzz right now—and for a good reason. This 21st-century lifestyle has us cramming more and more into the same number of hours there have always been in a day.
And what suffers?
We do.
Not getting enough sleep. Eating meals on the run.
May 2 2019 | by Michelle Pezzato

You may have heard of HydraFacial, the hottest new skin treatment on the market, and wondered if it’s right for you.  The short answer is yes.  Everyone can benefit from HydraFacial.

What is HydraFacial? 

HydraFacial is more than a facial.  It’s a revolution in skin care that has quickly become one of the most popular services performed in spas and doctors’ offices across the country.  It uses proprietary technology to achieve fast, non-invasive, gentle results for nearly all skin concerns.  HydraFacial can address:

Mar 18 2019 | by Beth Ohrt, COO, Woodhouse Spa Corporation

1. Identify your skin type. The most important aspect of beauty is your skin – think of it as a canvas that, when clean and healthy, is the foundation for your overall appearance. The first step in properly caring for your skin is to identify what type of skin you have. This will ensure that you’re purchasing the correct products for your needs. If you have flaky skin that tends to crack no matter what the season, you most likely veer towards dry skin. Your products will include special moisturizers and gentle ingredients to lock in natural oils.

Jan 7 2019 | by Alan Reuter, owner of The Woodhouse Day Spa - Dublin, OH
There seem to be two main skincare concerns as we enter our 40’s and beyond… wrinkles and sagging skin. 

The four main reasons why wrinkles and sagging occur:

1.  Sun damage to the outer layer of skin (epidermis and dermis).

2.  Loss of soft tissue fullness and other structural support UNDER the skin.

3.  Repetitive facial movements such as frowning, smiling, smoking, laughing and even drinking through a straw.

4.  Poor general health habits, such as improper nutrition, smoking and limited exercise.

Dec 3 2018 | by Katie Barker, Esthetician - The Woodhouse Day Spa - Nashville

One of the most common questions asked of an esthetician is, what does a facial do for me? Simple answer, plenty.

We all have professionals that we trust; our hairstylist, our mechanic, our handyman. We trust that as professionals, they have done the research and have the knowledge and experience to deliver a higher quality of service than we could do ourselves. Sure you can cut your own hair and fix your own engine-but would you?

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