The Woodhouse Massage Experience

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Why do we talk about a "Massage Experience" at The Woohouse Day Spa - Grand Rapids?

Because for us, it's more than a massage.

From the time you're greeted at the door, we want you to be transported - transported out of the day-to-day and into something delightful and relaxing.

It starts with a comfy robe.

In a quiet room.

With a glass of wine.

The process is intentional. And the intention is to help you make a transition.

After relaxing in our Quiet Room, you're escorted into a delightful massage room where we've tailored the scents, sights, and sounds to help you keep that sense of calm as your massage begins.

And whether you're enjoying our Swedish Massage, our Therapeutic Stone Massage, or our stress-relieving Deep Tissue Massage, our professional massage staff are experts in ensuring that your massage experience is what you'd expect from a Woodhouse Day Spa, from beginning to end.

You could go lots of places to get "just a massage".

You come to us to have The Woodhouse Massage Experience.

Book your appointment at today on our website and be transported.

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